Wadduwa is a resort on the South-West coast of Sri Lanka. It is said that in the past Wadduwa area was famous for a large number local doctors. The name „veda doova” meaning the land of the native doctors later transferred into the city name – Wadduwa.

The important factor in the safety context during your trip is that Wadduwa city and its surroundings is a Buddhist region, there are 44 Buddhist temples here, and one of them – Sri Priyadarshanaramaya Temple is located close to our hotel.

Wadduwa beach charms tourists with pristine beauty of nature, it is famous for its golden sands and pure ocean water. Wadduwa is perfect for lazy beach holidays as well as for active recreation, such as windsurfing. You will like walking along the coastline fringed with tall coconut palm trees. It’s a great way to combine pleasant (enjoying natural beauty) with useful (exercise for the legs, tired of sedentary lifestyle).

Climate in Wadduwa is always comfortable at any time of the day and in any season! However be adviced that monsoon brings rain to our region between in May and June.
In the afternoon the air temperature is 30-32 degrees centigrade. And when you go into the water, you will feel no difference with the air. There is no big difference between the temperature at nighttime and at daytime.

Period of acclimatization is maximum  two days, even for those who came to  Sri Lanka for the first time. Very soon your body will get used to this climate and starts to enjoy warmth and sun.

The sun in the South-West part of Sri Lanka is gentle and not as hot as, for example in the Mediterranean sea region. So you can relax on the beach even in the middle of the day (of course, without “excessive overburning”). You can safely walk on the sand barefoot. Lovers of long walks along the ocean are advised to use an umbrella.