Sri Lanka. Hotel Dhammika Magic Palace. Sigiriya-tour 

We will take a trip to the ancient rock fortress Sigiriya that rises 183 meters above the green valley and is surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens and swimming pools. Sigiriya is translated from Sinhalese as the “Lion Rock” (Sinha-giriya). This site of historical and archaeological significance is listed in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List and is also called the eighth Wonder of the World.

Prices for the Sigiriya-tour, depending on the start-point of the tour 

Wadduwa                $170 

Kalutara                  $175

Bentota                    $180

This total price is valid for the group up to 7 people and includes transfer (comfortable minivan) and tour-guide services. You will only need to buy entrance tickets to the fortess.

According to the official version, the fortress was built in the Vth century by King Kashyapa as an atonement for the murder of his father. According to some other versions – the site is much older. When looking at this magnificent structure and complex system of pools surrounding the fortress, it’s possible to assume that Sigiriya was built by many generations of builders and even by more then one civilization.

Sigiriya inspired the Great science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke to write his novel “Fountains of Paradise”. He also believed that in ancient times the fortress served as the “star gate” for travelers in the outer space.

One of the mysteries of the fortress is connected with the colourful frescoes of Sigiriya ladies. All frescoes were made with natural colors, each piece is unique. Nowhere else in Sri Lanka can you find such images.

On the way to the top you will pass by the Mirror Wall, a three-meter wall polished to a mirror shine. The entrance to the palace was built so that the top could be reached by passing through the mouth of a giant lion. Nowadays the entrance passes between two huge lion’s paws preserved from the statue of this lion.

Climbing to the top of Sigiriya is a very exciting experience. Having risen to the top of the fortress, you will enjoy beautiful landscapes and feel the full power of this mystical place.