Meditation & Yoga Retreat  in Sri Lanka

Treat yourself with a rejuvenating yoga and meditation holiday in Sri Lanka. Dhammika Magic Palace – an ideal place for those who prefer to relax in quiet nature surroundings,  located away from the busy tourist tracks – welcomes you to enjoy a wide variety of yoga and meditation programs suitable for beginners, intermediate or advanced level practitioners.

Yoga instructor: Kumara Sumithraarachchi, certified  yoga teacher of Sri Lanka and Europe with over 20 years experience. He received his education in Dhammananda College of Moronthuduwa, after that he started learning karate at Sri Lanka Ashihara Karate Organization in 1992. After following karate training for more than ten years he became a competent karate champion in Sri Lanka. He participated in many championships, both in Sri Lanka and abroad, and brought great fame to the motherland. Eventually, he turned his mind towards mental happiness and meditation methods under the guidance of Dr. Chamin Warnakula, the most proficient yoga expert in Sri Lanka.  Thereafter, he entered the Paramananda Yoga University of India where he learned Yoga Therapy and Yoga Treatment well and received Yoga Diplomas and Yoga Certificates.

Yoga Styles: Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga

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The area around the hotel has a special energetics. You will wake up in the morning feeling fresh, rested and cheerful. You will like the 3rd floor open terrace offering beautiful view of the Buddhist Temple encircled by lush garden. Our own large and nice garden with a fountain and a waterfall will be at your disposal.

You will find several types of palm-trees in our garden, funny palm squirrels are our frequent visitors. There are also other trees and plants in our garden: papaya, pineapple, rambutan, orange, mango, lime, etc. In the garden you will definitely see different birds, for example herons, parrots and many other  very nice birds (only ornithologists know their names).

You will definitely bring to your home warm feelings that will keep your heart  warm for a long time. You will be filled with fresh energy that will certainly help you on your way to success.

Meditation at Buddhist Temple

The Buddhist temple Sri Priyadarshanaramaya is located near the hotel. Everyone entering this temple will feel its special home-like ambience. This small temple is perfect for meditation. Our guests have the opportunity to take part in meditation sessions conducted by Buddhist monks

Sri Priyadarshanaramaya Temple was established under the leadership of the Venerable Pelpola Rahula Thero. Answering the question of how he managed to find such an amazing place for the temple, Venerable Rahula Thero just said “I was lucky”. He had to start the construction works from scratch, local Buddhists provided great assistance with the construction. The Temple was opened on  May 7, 2001.
Ven. Pelpola Rahula Thero
Venerable Rahula Thero is highly revered by the local people, he teaches philosophy of Dharma at the school for Buddhist monks in Wadduwa.

His favorite occupation in his spare time is handling of plants and garden maintenance. The garden in Sri Priyadarshanaramaya Temple will surprise you with its beauty and diversity of flowers, trees and shrubs.

Venerable Rahula Thero gave his blessing for the construction of hotel Dhammika Magic Palace near the temple. He is always glad to see our guests at his temple.

Be sure to come over to this temple, just to enjoy the beauty of the garden and the surrounding nature and to feel the special atmosphere of this place. Even if you are not interested in meditation, a visit to the temple is a very good way to get rid of accumulated stress and fatigue.