Sigiriya a mysterious citadel in the sky



We will take a trip to the ancient rock fortress Sigiriya that rises 183 meters above the green valley and is surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens and swimming pools. Sigiriya is translated from Sinhalese as the “Lion Rock” (Sinha-giriya). This site of historical and archaeological significance is listed in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List and is also called the eighth Wonder of the World.

One of the mysteries of the fortress is connected with the colourful frescoes of Sigiriya ladies. All frescoes were made with natural colors, each piece is unique. Nowhere else in Sri Lanka can you find such images.

Climbing to the top of Sigiriya is a very exciting experience. Having risen to the top of the fortress, you will enjoy beautiful landscapes and feel the full power of this mystical place.

The tour starts at around 6 am, we return to your hotel by about 7 pm (the day before the tour we will let you know the pick-up time from your hotel). We arrange tours with departure from the hotels located on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka, in the cities of Wadduwa, Waskaduwa, Kalutara, Panadura, Beruwala, Aluthgama, Bentota.

Tour price  

Tour price depends on the number of participants. For example, if 2 persons participate the tour price would be  130,00 € for 1 person. Price for 1 child aged less than 12 is 55,00 €.

The price includes:

  • Transfer by A/C car or minivan;
  • Entrance tickets to the sights specified in the tour program;

Not included:

  • Entrance tickets and transfer if you wish to visit the places outside the tour program;
  • Meals, drinks and your private expenses.

The advance payment 20 eur per 1 person will guarantee your reservation of the tour.

Upon receipt of the advance payment we will send  the order confirmation to your e-mail. While making the reservation, please specify in the field “Additional Notes” the number of participants, tour date, phone number of the contact person and other information you consider essential. The rest amount you can pay before the tour starts by cash (we accept Sri Lankan rupees, US dollars or EURO). If you wish to pay for all the  trip by credit card, just let us know about that and we will send you all necessary information for the payment.

According to the official version, Sigiriya fortress was built in the Vth century by King Kashyapa as an atonement for the murder of his father. According to some other versions – the site is much older. When looking at this magnificent structure and complex system of pools surrounding the fortress, it’s possible to assume that Sigiriya was built by many generations of builders and even by more then one civilization.

Sigiriya inspired the Great science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke to write his novel “Fountains of Paradise”. He also believed that in ancient times the fortress served as the “star gate” for travelers in the outer space.

On the way to the top you will pass by the Mirror Wall, a three-meter wall polished to a mirror shine. The entrance to the palace was built so that the top could be reached by passing through the mouth of a giant lion. Nowadays the entrance passes between two huge lion’s paws preserved from the statue of this lion.

Сигрия, перед восхождением
Сигирия, львиные ворота
На вершине Сигирии
На вершине Сигирии
На вершине Сигирии
Сигирия, пещера кобр
На вершине Сигирии

During Sigiriya-tour we will also visit the unique Dambulla Golden Templethe best preserved cave temple. The  walls and ceilings of Dambulla Cave Temple represent the world’s largest area ever painted by artists.

Золотой Храм Дамбулла
Золотой Храм Дамбулла
Золотой Храм Дамбулла

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