Sri Lanka. Hotel Dhammika Magic Palace. Tour to Yala National Park 

We will go for morning safari to Yala National Park – the most visited and the oldest national park in Sri Lanka (it was designated in 1900 as a wildlife sanctuary and got the status of national park in 1938). The park covers about 979 square kilometers. Yala is an ideal place for observing rare animals and birds in their natural environment.  

44 species of mammals live in the park, among them: Sri Lankan elephants, leopards, bears, wild water buffaloes, spotted deer, wild boars, mongooses, monkeys, giant squirrels. Most elephants got used to cars therefore it is easy to watch them. Leopards like to rest at the top of Vepandeniya rock at dawn or at sunset. It is very often possible to meet gray langurs (or Hanuman monkeys) or toque macaques. Water buffaloes and spotted deer could be seen near beautiful lakes. The coastal line of the park is visited by the sea turtles. Two crocodile species of Sri Lanka, mugger crocodile and saltwater crocodile inhabit the park. More than 200 bird species live in Yala, seven are endemic to Sri Lanka.

We’ll go to Yala by the comfortable minivan, then we change to the jeep for Yala-safari. 

The excursion starts at about 3 am, we will return to the hotel at about 7 pm.